Jones Group is a full-service boutique accounting and business advisory firm, offering tax, accounting, audit and advisory services with a focus on innovative solutions and timely professional service. We specialize in delivering quality work and exemplary customer service, and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations through attention to detail and focus on a positive client experience. Our processes are streamlined and efficient, which allows for quality work with minimal disruption to our clients’ day-to-day operations.

We strive for distinction in all we do, providing superior service, quality work, and a connection to each client that large firms simply cannot offer. We work hard to deliver a positive client experience and leave an impression that creates long-term, highly profitable partnerships.

We help our clients succeed through timely and accurate solutions. We take the time to garner a complete understanding of our clients’ business objectives, turning their challenges into opportunities. Our tax and audit services result in tangible, relevant solutions that help our clients compete more effectively and achieve significant and sustained growth.

Expertise, integrity, innovation, and respect for our clients make up the heart of our business with one central goal: to provide a meaningful, tangible contribution to the long-term success of our clients.

Our Services


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Tax Services

The Jones Group combines expertise with creative thinking to deliver strategic solutions to complex personal and business returns that minimize tax liabilities for our clients. As with all of our services, personalized attention and quality work distinguish our tax services from large firms. We guide our clients through the complexities…

Business Advisory and CFO Services

With more than 66 years of experience as CPAs and CFOs, we understand the enormous challenges that businesses face in today’s market. We help our clients deal proactively with potential pitfalls before they become real problems, create the strategy that will achieve their business objectives, manage risk, and ensure the…

Assurance Services

Assurance Services

We offer solid solutions that make business stronger, not just financial reporting services. Adhering to financial reporting regulations can be a pain in the neck. At the end of the day, our clients want to spend their resources building a stronger, more profitable business, not shelling out time and money…