Our Brand

The words that best represent our brand:

Integrity (trustworthy, dependable), Friendly, creative, courageous, confident, passionate, relational, innovative

Value Proposition

  • WHO. In our marketing, we are communicating primarily to: Small and medium sized businesses and upper-income individuals in the greater Denver metro area
  • WHAT. What motivates our clients to choose us: They want to work with a company that cares about the success of their business as much as they do. They want exceptional customer service and quality work
  • WHY. Why they should buy from us: We contribute to the overall long-term success and stability of their business. We deliver the information and recommendations they need to make more profitable decisions.

Elevator Pitch

Jones Group is a full-service boutique accounting and business advisory firm, offering tax, accounting, audit and advisory services. Our clients choose us because they want exemplary customer service and personalized attention. They don’t just want a CPA firm. They want a highly profitable partnership. They want a firm that knows their business objectives and works hard to support the long-term success of their business. Everyone in our office gets to know every single client. And, with more than 75 years combined experience, our processes are streamlined and efficient, which allows for quality work with minimal disruption to our clients’ day-to-day operations.

The bottom line is this: We help our clients succeed. We are really good at what we do. Our tax and audit services result in tangible solutions that help our clients compete more effectively and achieve significant and sustained growth.