The Market

Primary Target Market:

Private businesses, primarily franchise businesses. Tax – small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

Ideal customer characteristics, Assurance Services:

  • Intelligent
  • More qualitative than quantitative
  • Reasonable, rational
  • Has been in business for long enough to know the benefit of doing things right
  • They understand the value and necessity of hiring out for services that can’t be completed internally missing a word here
  • They care about their franchisees
  • They are always looking to improve their business and do things better
  • Are both cautious in their decision making and visionary in their overall approach to business
  • They are cooperative and embody the quiet confidence that comes through failure and achievement
  • They are open to the council of others

Ideal customer characteristics, Tax

  • They understand that paying taxes is something they have to do to stay in business and become profitable
  • They are grounded; have a strong sense of reality
  • They understand and accept the costs of doing business
  • They recognize they are need of professional tax services and tax planning
  • They may feel lost and overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with their tax situation

What our customers want:

  • To work with a full service CPA firm; They want a comprehensive experience
  • To work with people of integrity
  • To pay as little tax as possible, within the law
  • To meet their obligation for an annual audit as painlessly as possible
  • Continuous, proactive communication

Competitive advantage:

We are a small, boutique firm that takes a more practical and personal approach to financial reporting and tax services. With more than 75 years combined experience, we deliver useful and creative solutions that improve our clients’ businesses. We do things right – with the utmost integrity – but are always looking for ways to do things better and improve the client experience. Because we are a small firm, we offer a more personalized experience for each of our clients. Everyone in our office gets to know every client. We take their business personally, which is something that just doesn’t happen within larger firms.