Jones Group is committed to:


The knowledge and experience our clients need to create a more successful and sustainable future for their business.

With more than 75 years combined experience in accounting, auditing and tax work, we are able to deliver top-shelf solutions to any challenge our clients face. In addition, we are excellent at communicating key information simply and clearly

Whether it’s through an annual audit, strategic tax planning, business advisory or CFO services, we give our clients the tools that enable them to make the best possible decisions for lasting success. For our franchise clients, we ensure that franchisees have the tools they need to make the best possible decisions as well.

As a small boutique firm, everyone in our office is extraordinarily well rounded. While most of us specialize in one area, we all have a deep understanding of every service we offer. We also make sure that everyone in our office gets to know every client. For our clients, this means that their business is treated holistically; we look at their entire business and deliver practical, timely solutions that fully support their business objectives.


Maintaining the highest ethical standards and delivering the information our clients need to make the best possible decisions for the integrity of their business.

We do things right, plain and simple. We are experts in our field and maintain the current working knowledge necessary to deliver the highest quality results for our clients. Our focus is on providing solutions, not just creating billable hours. Our services deliver tangible benefits that improve the potential of each and every business we work with.


We do things differently.

We believe that stagnancy is the kiss of death to any business and are therefore always looking for better ways of doing things. We do not constrain ourselves with a “this is the way it’s always been done” doctrine. Rather, our approach is solution focused and requires constant out-of-the-box creative thinking. We don’t just offer financial services. We solve problems.

Respect for our clients and the client relationship.

Keeping the client’s best interest at the center of our service.

Our clients are intelligent, industrious and innovative. We view our role as one of a supporting partner and advisor, but always respect their autonomy. We invest a lot of time and attention into building long-term honest relationships with our clients. In fact, we consider our ability to build lasting, solid relationships with our clients a central benchmark of our success. We believe that the best way to build our business is by contributing extreme value to the lives and businesses of our clients.